About my games in general

It was a tough way figuring out  what kind of games I’d like to create. I like to play Interactive Fiction and RPGs as well as Tycoon/Management games, but I’m also a fan of VR and these old 8-Bit RetroGames. I also have a lot of ideas for experimental games written down in my notebook about which I couldn’t even say if they could be fun to play. So the kind of games I create will vary or even change by time. Most of my games will be done with HTML, JavaScript/TypeScript and PHP. My original plan is to release one little game  every moth, with the size of a typical GameJam contestant or a technical prototype, but that’s too ambitious. So I had to come back to the idea of ‘when it’s done’ and hope, it will suits you. My supporters will learn more about the current projects in my status reports. From time to time they will also have the chance to play early versions of my game.