Games for free?

What I have figured out for sure so far is that I don’t want to create games just to earn money. Don’t get me wrong: it would be nice to sell my own games on Steam or Google Play. But I don’t want to create a game just to make my living. Therefore, I still have a day-job I will continue to work in until I have enough money to focus on creating games on my own. Beside of this, creating games requires a lot of money. Until now I’ve spent my very own, but with increasing ambitions I will need some more. This will lead to better games that look nicely and sound awesome or even are made possible, because I can pay someone to develop parts of the games I can’t manage on my own– like a challenging AI for example. Furthermore, money will help to draw additional attention to my games, because I can spend it on marketing or traveling to conventions to show them in public.